iMATCHME 20ML Pure Natural Rose Essential Oils Diffuser Massage Skin Care Aroma Oil Improve Sleep Skincare Massage Oil


High-purity organic essential oil is enriched with multiple natural extracts that rapidly infiltrate into skin to remove the obstruction of meridians,discharge toxins from the body without oiliness, help replenish moisture, nutrients & energy to skin, lighten fine lines, lift & firm skin, relieve psychological stress & physical fatigue, improve sleep and make your life healthier.

1.Psychological effects

Faint aroma makes you positive, and relieves depression, sadness, tension and stress.Create a sweet atmosphere; make female happy; increase their charm.

2 Improve skin

Superior skin-care product; hydrating and anti-winkle, moisturizing and whitening; give skin vitality.For all skin types, especially good for dry, mature, ageing and sensitive skin.

3 Improve physiology

Adjust the female physiology, increase female charm, attraction and happiness.Relieve tension, nourish body and mind, and increase resistance.

Net Weight:20ml
Shelf life:3 years
Package Included:
1 x 20ML Essential Oil