OODOO DOLL magic trick by Okito (moving doll in your palm) close up spooky
Great trick that can be carried in your pocket at all times with no set up and instant reset
Size: approx 7.5 x 7cm
Material: straw

How to performance:
The Magician shows a realistic looking voodoo doll. It is placed in the spectators hand to look at. It is just a little straw doll. When the magician lays the doll in his palm it suddenly comes to life rising like a mummy out of a casket and stands up straight! Spectators will believe that an invisible force is making it rise up and down. The doll is completely under your control. No wires or threads.
This trick not only comes with the special Hand-made gimmicked doll needed to perform the great effect. it also comes with a second identical, un-gimmicked doll which can be switched, if preferred for inspection, although the gimmicked doll can be handed out without revealing its secrets. As well as this full, detailed instructions are included along with some hints and tips in how to get the most out of this great trick and how to create a polished performance.
Package Includes:
2pcs Voodoo Dolls